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What? 2017 Fall Seminar
When? Sunday, November 5, 2017 9am - 4pm
Where? Hilton Garden Inn, Ybor City, Tampa   
Who? Cris & Deanna Duncan
How to Register? Register online or contact FPP Ex Dir Kaye Newsome (813) 760-1933
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FPP & PPA Members:
$129 if registered online by Oct 31st
FPP & PPA Members: After Oct 31st, all registration is "at the door" $169

NON FPP & NON PPA Members: $179 if registered online by Oct 31st

NON FPP & NON PPA Members: After Oct 31st, all registration is "at the door" $219


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Cris & Deanna Duncan
Lighting For Sales: The Portrait Narrative

Photography is an art that molds light and subject together to create an unforgettable image. By combining your artistic vision with the mastery of the technical science of photography, you can create the images that you see in your mind’s eye.

One size does not fit all when it comes to portrait lighting. Each client is unique and has a story to tell. In this class you will learn how to use light as a powerful narrative tool to create impactful and unique images for your clients every time. It is not a recipe--its knowing what each ingredient does so you can create your own signature style. How do you do this? You learn lighting. You learn lighting principles. In this class you will learn:

Lighting anywhere, in any situation, with any light


Why does it do that? How can it work for me?


Light, compose and design with the end in mind to ensure profitable sessions.


Don’t forget your camera. This hands-on class is filled with “Ah Ha” moments; it is your time to experiment and learn so when in your own sessions, you can make your images work every time without getting flustered.

To sum up this class, you will be able to combine the technical skills of light along with design and compositional elements to confidently deliver your very best for clients. Every time.

Cris and Deanna Duncan are International Award winning photographers with a host of letters and degrees behind their names. However, what is really important is this--we LOVE people. We love uncovering inner beauty and laughing--a lot. Everyone has a story and our heart is transforming the story into a form you can touch and see. 
Cris j Duncan is a Master of Photography, a Photographic Craftsman as well as a Certified Professional Photographer and Deanna is a Photographic Craftsman. We are blessed to do what we love and what we love is creating something of value for you to cherish for generations to come.

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